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Sunday, January 25

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Ten Minutes With: Kit Hoover Sullivan

By Deb Karazin Owens, March 28, 2009

Kit Hoover Sullivan parlayed her first reality gig—as a contestant on season one of MTV’s “Road Rules” in 1994—into a real-life TV career. She was an entertainment reporter for Fox News Channel, has co-hosted ESPN2’s “Cold Pizza,” and even co-hosted “The View.” Now Kit is hosting a new series on TLC, “Real Simple. Real Life,” which airs on Fridays at 7 p.m. This busy Fairfield mother of three sat down with Fairfield Magazine for a quick chai latte and some lively conversation.

What possessed you to audition for “Road Rules”?
I was out of college and even though I had a “real” job lined up, I didn’t feel like it was the right thing for me.  When I heard the show was about traveling across the country, I was ready to roll!  I interviewed, and a week later I was in the Winnebago!

Many reality TV “stars” are never heard from again. How did you succeed?
I found out that I was really comfortable in front of a camera. I figured I’d give myself one year to make it in the business. I’m a go-getter, so I did some vee-jaying and other on-air jobs. A year to the day later, “American Journal” offered me a job as entertainment correspondent.

On “Real Simple. Real Life,” you provide advice on issues such as home organizing, wardrobe updating, and meal planning. In which category would you need a little expert advice?
All of the above. And I’m not kidding. I think why it works with me on the show is because I am every woman and I can relate to every woman. I just drive the Saturn!

Do you cook?
It doesn’t come naturally. I had 13 people to my house for Thanksgiving and they were like, “where’s the turkey baster?” I don’t even own one.

So when you’re not cooking, do you have a favorite local restaurant?
We love Nauti Dolphin, and take out from La Salsa. We eat at Wild Rice, but most evenings I have girlfriends over. We sip wine, make the kids a healthy dinner, pop a few chicken nuggets into our mouths, and we’re set.

You are from Atlanta. Your husband, Crowley, is from Chicago. How did  you end up in Fairfield?

I was living in Chicago and dating Crowley when I got offered a job in New York. I said to him, “You want to come?” He landed his dream job at ESPN, in Bristol. Fairfield was a good halfway point.

You’ve said you adore this town. What do you like best about it?
This town is gold. It’s classy but not snooty. I can’t go to a park and not end up chatting with other moms and coming home with a phone number for a playdate. It’s like Norman Rockwell with a perfect commute to Manhattan.

And what do your children, ages two to six, think about seeing Mommy on TV?
When the girls were real little, they figured everyone’s mom was on television. But now they are starting to enjoy it. They were on “Good Morning America” with me once, and they came home and played “newscaster” all afternoon. They can look at me and see that anything is possible.

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